Our core

TraToS was born from the desire to do good to Ukraine and its society. We believe in travels and informal education of Ukrainian youth. Travels can open up your mind, help crush stereotypes, teach about new cultures and practice understanding them. Informal education of Ukrainian youngsters can broaden their horizons, open up their minds for new perceptions and ideas, empower them to believe in themselves and give them tools to be the change they want to see in the world.

Travel to share

Through our tours we show Ukraine to the world and the world to Ukraine. Our tourists get unique chances to travel the largest country in Europe, experience the best of its culture and meanwhile impact its youth by own example and stories. Our groups visit local schools, primarily in rural areas, to speak with children about their lives, home countries, education, professions, travels and more. We have seen how these encounters deeply affect both the kids and the tourists by giving them new perspectives.

Our mission

Our mission is to put Ukraine on travellers’ maps and bucket lists, and to empower local communities to thrive and develop.

Meeting with people

We believe that meeting people is what makes the travel a lifetime memory. And we make sure our tourists get many opportunities to meet the locals and get the most out of the encounters. Our groups are always led by English-speaking Ukrainian guides and an interpreter who can support extra communication with the locals. We make sure our itineraries create opportunities for interaction and true learning of the culture. 

Small group sizes further enhance the experience. With a maximum of 15 people per tour, our tourists can be sure they get enough time to discuss anything with our guides and get many chances to engage with the locals in their daily lives.

Small local hotels

We strive to cooperate with locally owned hotels as our accommodation. This means that the standards may vary, but our tourists can be sure they get the spirit of the place instead of a faceless room of a chain hotel. This also ensures that your money goes to the locals instead of the big international corporations.

Local transportation

We always try to combine private transport and the use of local means of transportation, to yet again provide an authentic experience, but also make sure our itineraries enable seeing more of Ukrainian beauty.


We thoroughly pick our partners, destinations and suppliers to create high quality experiences and sustainable services benefiting all parties. We make sure our local guides, interpreters, drivers and hotels get paid and treated in a fair way, and the jobs we provide benefit the local communities. All our trips are climate positive, and we make it easy to climate compensate the flights to and from Ukraine if desired.

Your money matters

Part of the tour price goes to a Ukrainian charity project. We carefully choose the organisations to support, and the time of cooperation duration may vary. Every trip description states which project is supported with its sales.