Hi! You may be wondering why there is a page called “About Anna”, and who this Anna actually is. It is important for me that you, dear TraToS Guest, know what is going on with the company.

So, my name is Anna Liebel, I am Ukrainian who has lived third of her life abroad (Sweden, UK, Spain, Iceland). Despite leaving my home country, I never cut my connections to it and my heart is filled with love to Ukraine, while my mind – with ideas on how to help my country develop and thrive. TraToS is one of these ideas.

I have done trips to Ukraine as a volunteer, on the side of my regular work and many other commitments. But I have always dreamt of taking TraToS to the next level, to have more time for it. That is what happened during 2019 when I finally registered my own company. And I am committed to helping more people from all around the world discover the beauty of Ukraine, while contributing to the development of the communities we visit on our tours.

In almost 10 years that I have lived abroad I have met thousands of people from all over the world – during my own travels, through work or in private. I felt so often that people would really enjoy travelling to Ukraine, but many people didn’t even consider the country. It was just not on the radars. People didn’t know what it can offer to tourists. And I saw a huge gap there, the one making everyone lose. Tourists missed out A LOT of fun, beauty, deliciousness, and hospitality. Ukraine didn’t receive money and interest that would support the infrastructure and boost its development. Locals didn’t get a chance to meet people from other cultures and broaden their horizons. And I stayed awake at nights thinking how unfair the situation was – towards every party.

Travel To Share is my bold action to fill the gap. I am starting small, with only few tours per year. But my vision is to be able to serve millions of international tourists annually and have a much broader offer than tours only. I hope you join me on this exciting journey!

A few more things to mention… 

I have several people helping me with running TraToS – because they believe in the idea and want to contribute. But mostly, it is me, myself and I. So whenever you see someone talking from the first person here, you can be sure you are reading my texts.

Whenever you make payments for your TraToS trip, you will see Anna Liebel ehf. as a company name. This is the official name of my company registered in Iceland where I currently live. It is not called Travel To Share because I have another business activity within the company. I thought it’s important to bring i up so that you don’t think anything is fishy with your payments.