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My experience with Tratos was unforgettable.

It was so well organized that I didn’t have to worry about anything (other than losing my credit card but that was my fault! Did I say unforgettable?), which makes up for really relaxing holidays. And yet it was so fulfilling for the ego to be hopping from village to village to talk to local kids of all ages about what the world is like out there… to be seen as heroes, to be welcomed as Kings (yeah, I mean it), to be helping those who have never had a chance of seeing a foreigner in their lives, to give them an opportunity to dream big and, potentially, to guide them towards that dream.

On top of all that, it is such an opportunity to travel off the beaten path (I mean it literally, my whole body remembers), with someone who knows the culture and the language so that you never feel helpless.

And if that isn’t enough, the organizers are the kindest and most experienced couple you’ll ever meet, making even the longest train ride enjoyable!

Cedric De Brito


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